in times of social crisis, the biggest recession is always a creative one.

Creativity is always a success recipe when losing faith, or having insecurity, instability, or fear.

But today, creativity is an endless collection of toll roads where you have to pay a big figure to live your ideas.

It is hard to create something and the price to pay is high.

Thats why at JULUIS our trend joins the intention of renew the novelty and change the changeable. Our site is not only commercial but also a space to enjoy the culture. Because by sharing our resources and offering our commitment, creativity achieves its greatest potential.

That is why at JULUIS our creative commitment is obvious and clear. To be commited with something means believing on it, improving it, make it live on others, practicing it..

We officially declare ourselves on a Constant Creative Commitment status.

"where the ephemeral and eternal live in harmony. Because only what can surprise us is eternal, and only those who understand the ephemeral is able to wonder.".

Creative Commitment.

Compromiso Creativo

“Dont sleep to rest, sleep to dream. Because our dreams are ment to become true". Walt Disney.

Sustainable commitment

Compromiso sostenible

"The man believes to have the right to think above the cosmos. Land, fire, water and air, all of them say: as long as they believe in us, they will be human. Otherwise, they will be in danger". Jose Luis Sampedro.