Sustainable commitment

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Sustainability is like morals: you have to live it but don't talk about it too much...

At JULUIS, we are interested and very concerned in the future and the equilibrium with our environmental resources.

We always develop our project thinking in the people who will use our designs; in their connections with time and space. We feel the need to get back to the value of having values.

Thats why we only work with suppliers who have a sustainability policy. These are the requirements that JULUIS looks for when working with a new supplier:


  • Human rights
  • Work policies
  • Natural resources and environmental protection
  • Corruption prevention


  • Manufacturers who want to develop long-lasting products, to raise up their value and reduce waste. ” More is less” is the slogan we have to understand the future.
  • Product design has to be based on guidelines planned to get sustainable and durable products.



  • Know-how creation through scientific and technological cutting-edge exploration
  • Certified products
  • Environmental product certifications
  • Responsible consumption
  • Sustainable life cycles
  • Forest wood certification
  • Product recycling


  • Improving human resources and encouraging competitiveness through education and learning
  • Respecting human rights with dignified labour conditions which assure security and work safety
  • Voluntary and active contributing to social, economic and ambiental improvement, to enhance the competitive status and its added value
  • Serving the society useful products made on right conditions
  • Keeping work ethics and fighting against corruption
  • Tracking resource and waste management
  • Evaluating social and ambiental risks