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Cachito is incandescent, funny, lively, and enormously creative. Spontaneous, clear and very natural.
And from now on, the mascot that will share our 30 years grown up JULUIS corporate image.


We introduce you to Cachito, a Cachito (spanish for Bit) from JULUIS.

It has a balance between our traditional corporate image: very Bauhaus-style, rational, simple and geometric, and himself, who comes to shake it up using our new Internet place.

Why incadescent?

At JULUIS, we wanted to recover incandescence, almost lost. Firstly, because it was the first way to generate light through energy. Secondly,  because is one of the light sources with more performance and chromatic features. Its color temperature and color reproduction index brings an extraordinary productivity which no other lights can get.

The best way to symbolize an idea...

It is very easy to spoil a perfectly developed great project if we don't have a patient, excellent and defined lighting study.

Lighting: important, significant, meaningful...

The most important  meaningful part of any JULUIS project is, without any doubt, to get a perfect lighting setup.

Controlling brights, reflection, and light blindings... Anticipating movement and shadows, dominating color temperatures and light values, intensities,  knowing light absorption and performance...

After all: knowing how to predict light behavior, which will undoubtedly affect every and each one of the elements who tale part in any design project (materials, finishings, furnishing, textile items...). Thats our motto in every single project we do.

From the very beginning, at JULUIS we differentiate and set what kind of light is needed to see, to watch, and to gaze at. Anyways, it has to be subtle but essential, creating and unique atmosphere, smooth, calm, and very special.

Lighting hipnotizes and enchants us; we feel captivated with big passion. All that energy, flowing in every corner of the space: warm, welcoming, friendly, appealing... A warm feeling that not only fills the environment, but us as well. changing our moods, and our ability to see and feel. Affecting us indirectly every day.