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JULUIS is a global projects company, which since 1980, has been dedicated to custom, exclusive interior and contemporary architecture designs



Juluis was founded in Palencia by Jose Luis Ortega and Amparo Pajares, on a 300m2  shop located on Avd. Cardenal Cisneros and dedicated to rattan and bamboo furniture.

Hours didn't matter, our work was our passion and our life

We diverted our product line to contemporary furnishing in a truly passional way: "Hours didn't matter, our work was our passion and our life". With a lot of effort, work, and study, we got into a wonderful and exciting world. A new 600m2 shop was opened in 1987 on Avd. Manuel Rivera, specialized on the best and most exclusive contemporary furnishing and to to global custom projects in kitchens, bathrooms and general remodeling works. We also introduced new materials, finishings, and facings.

In 2008, we started a new venture, with a mix of courage, humour (and a hint of thoughtlessness we believe we need to have) to launch to the market a new, ambitious and exclusive project in an unique and outstanding space. Being now a national reference, JULUIS showroom, located on Avda. de Cuba, is an authentic 1500m2 exhibition space, dedicated to furniture, art, architecture, and to modern and contemporary design.

This is our work and our dream...

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