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"Customization and durability are the key concepts which define our work"

At JULUIS, our main challenge is to offer timeless and modern design solutions. Creating tailored, unique, exclusive spaces. No space is equal to other: projects can not be cloned.

We have a selection of some of the most renowned national and international manufacturers. We only offer original products, designed by the greatest architects and designers of the XX century, as well as new and talented designers.



We take care of all the steps needed to take on a complete construction project



At JULUIS, we take care of all the aspects involved in executing a construction project,  national or international.

  • Selecting the best spatial location
  • Project study and design (architectural + interiors)
  • Floorplans and space distributions (2d and 3d)
  • Material and finishing selections (kitchen, bathrooms, surfaces, coatings, furnishings, lighting...)
  • Regulation compliance
  • Budgeting (with cost control)
  • High quality products and services warranty
  • Project supervision
  • Construction works
  • Transport and warehousing
  • Assembly (national and international, JULUIS own team)
  • Cleaning
  • Keys hand over




JULUIS clients biggest benefit is that, through our company, you can design and get everything  you need to have the best construction or interior design work


You can design and get everything you need to have the best construction or interior design work

  • FURNISHING: home, offices, facilities
  • LIGHTING: interior, exterior
  • FACILITIES AND INSTALLATIONS: contract, commercial projects
  • CONSTRUCTION ALTERATIONS: architecture, construction
  • ACCESORIES: items and gifts


To get the best service possible, we suggest to make an appointment with us first. We are available to meet out of our usual business hours if the occasion arises.